What’s The Best Toilet Paper For Your Plumbing System

What’s The Best Toilet Paper For Your Plumbing System

What’s The Best Toilet Paper For Your Plumbing System?

Imagine you’re getting ready for work in the morning – the last thing you want is a clogged toilet. But that is a likely scenario if you do not select written by Mercurynews. The wrong toilet paper can entirely clog your pipes depending on how old or new your residence’s plumbing system is.

This is a hassle and can even create substantial damage resulting in costly repair bills. So save yourself the trouble of dealing with clogged plumbing by making sure you get the best toilet paper for your plumbing.

Old Plumbing

Plumbers tend to visit older houses with aged plumbing systems frequently. Their ancient pipes are more susceptible to clogs because of sludge – the disgusting wet paste of hair, chemicals, grime, and other nasty waste products accumulating in drainage systems.

Hence, if you live in a house that is a few decades old, you have to be extra careful with your choice of toilet paper. You should generally avoid facial tissues (even if they feel good on your derriere) and paper towels since they tend to break down slowly in water.

The best toilet paper for old plumbing is designed to disintegrate rapidly in water so that it easily dissolves and passes through even the narrowest pipes. But paper that dissolves slowly will then rest at the bottom of lines and clog them. In the case of old plumbing systems that are already under a lot of strain, this can rapidly accelerate into a full-blown clog.

Therefore, your toilet paper options are limited when dealing with aging pipes. Here are two plumber-recommended toilet paper brands you can consider:

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

This product is designed to disintegrate in water rapidly. In fact, many airlines and trains use it because it is perfect for their planes and carriages’ narrow piping. Therefore, it is also great for an older house with older plumbing.

Ideally, it would be best to look out for toilet paper brands that state they are “rapid-dissolving” on the packaging. That is how you know they are the best tissue paper for sewer pipes. Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper is also quite soft, making it comfortable to use.

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

Just because you want paper that dissolves quickly does not mean you have to compromise your comfort. Angel Soft Toilet Paper is remarkably comfortable to use, even on sensitive skin – making it very kid-friendly and the safest tissue paper for plumbing. Plus, it contains no additives, meaning it does not cause skin irritation and is eco-friendly.

New Plumbing

Very few are fortunate enough to live in a new house nowadays. But if you are one of them, you will not have to face the same problems that people in older homes do. New plumbing is not as susceptible to clogging. This is not just because of the lack of sludge build-up but also because newer plumbing is tactfully designed to reduce the chances of blocking.

So what toilet papers should people with newer houses get? Ideally, it would help if you still avoided more robust articles like paper towels and facial tissues. No matter what, these tissue papers are likely to build up in your pipes and make them clog quickly. Therefore, you still have to purchase toilet paper that breaks down easily.

But since you do not have to prioritize their dissolvability above everything else, you have the option to select a paper that enhances your life in other areas. So here are two toilet papers you could consider:

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Supreme

Toilet papers come in either 1, 2, or 3-ply. A ply describes a single layer of tissue paper, and the more layers a leaf has, the softer it is. Naturally, the increased number of plys comes at the expense of dissolvability. Plumbers advise 1-ply toilet paper for use in the bathroom as it is the best toilet paper to prevent clogs.

However, with the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Supreme tissue paper, you can get a soft 3-ply toilet paper that will feel fantastic on your skin but will not clog your pipes. These tissue papers are designed to disintegrate quickly in the water despite their thickness. So if you want luxurious toilet paper that eliminates the risk of clogging, this is the brand for you.

Presto! Ultra Soft Tissue Paper

Presto is the brand for you if you want an affordable toilet paper that is easy on your budget but will reliably flush with your toilet. It comes in six rolls for minimal cost – an excellent deal! It is an Amazon Brand beloved by many because it is affordable while still being the best toilet paper for flushing.

Although Presto is designed for use as tissue paper and dissolves very quickly in water, it is still slightly stiffer than rapid-dissolve toilet paper. Therefore, as inexpensive as it is, it might not be suitable for houses with older pipes. However, homeowners with new piping need not worry – Presto appeals to your wallet and your pipes

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