How to Choose the Ideal Toilet Paper

How to Choose the Ideal Toilet Paper

How to Choose the Ideal Toilet Paper

Discover how to choose toilet paper. We debunk the myths surrounding eco-friendly or expensive designer styles to help you make the best choice.

How to Choose the Ideal Toilet Paper


Although buy Toilet Paper online isn’t necessarily a decorative item or something that we give much thought to, it’s an essential product. As such, it’s helpful to know how to choose the ideal type, especially when there are countless eco-friendly and expensive design options to choose from.

Without further ado, let’s investigate and provide you with some answers. They may not be definitive, because this also depends on your personal tastes. Keep reading to find out more!

The importance of choosing the right toilet paper

Toilet paper is an important comfort and hygiene product. Choosing the right one allows you to take care of your skin, maintain hygiene and create a barrier between your hands and the bacteria present in human feces.

Research indicates that in Asia, Africa, and Latin America there’s a high probability that children under five years old will die from infections caused by microorganisms. These are present in water and food contaminated by feces.

Considering that these infections are transmitted directly from person to person, it’s vitally important to use quality paper and complement it with adequate hand washing.

With the keys to choosing the toilet paper that we will give you, it will be easier to get it right.


With our tips for choosing the right toilet paper, it’ll be easier for you to make the right decision.

What are the tips for choosing the best toilet paper?

Now that you understand the importance of choosing the right toilet paper, we’re going to give you the tips to identify it. Keep reading!

Check the ply

Depending on its price, each sheet comprises different layers, referred to as ply. You’ll find, one-ply, two-ply, three-ply, and even four-ply. This tells you how resistant and durable the paper is when it comes into contact with moisture.

The higher the ply, the less you’ll have to use, giving greater confidence and preventing you from spending more money.

Toilet paper: softness equals comfort

Another tip for choosing the best toilet paper has to do with its texture. Although comfort largely depends on the ply you choose, it’s best to look at the material. This aspect is important when it comes to people who have skin sensitivity or hypersensitivity.

You can also check this feature on the label because it’ll highlight whether it’s soft or extra soft paper. Choose the one that’ll offer you the most comfort.

Check the environmental impact

Caring for the environment is an important consideration for most people. For this reason, it’s good to think about the ecological impact of toilet paper.

To the satisfaction of environmentalists, nowadays, we can even buy environmentally friendly paper. This helps to reduce your carbon footprint and is made from recycled paper.

Alternatives to toilet paper

Bathroom with bidet.

The bidet is one of the alternatives to toilet paper.

If after reading these tips for choosing the ideal toilet paper you’re still uncertain, there are other alternatives. In fact, the following are the most ecological suggestions, although they do represent extra water costs. These include:

  • Washing with water: Using a bidet or shower to clean yourself after using the toilet is economical, hygienic, and sufficient.
  • In-wash toilets: these have water sprays and a built-in hygienic shower that allows for direct cleaning.
  • Shower: consider installing a small shower next to your toilet.
  • Reusable towels: these are pieces of cloth that you can use and wash after each use.

Summary: choosing the ideal toilet paper

Our tips for choosing toilet paper are simple, but that’s ultimately what it’s all about. When you’re next in the store and faced with an overwhelming choice of toilet paper, you can now easily identify which one you should choose.

Keep in mind that the variety of brands is huge and oftentimes, expensive. As such, follow your instinct and choose with our tips in mind and the type of paper that makes you feel comfortable. Each will offer you extra sheets, fragrances, prints, or ply, and ideally, you should weigh this against your needs and budget.

Ultimately, the appropriate question you have to answer is which one do you prefer?

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