How to choose the best toilet paper

How to choose the best toilet paper

How to choose the best toilet paper?

There are many items that we buy on a regular basis, is one of those essential items that you cannot afford to miss stocking up on. Choosing the right kind of toilet paper can make a big difference in our lives. The right toilet paper can provide you with comfort, and can make your toilet experience even more satisfying. 

Here are some tips on choosing the best toilet paper:

Make sure that the toilet paper you choose is strong and durable. When you are about to wipe with the toilet paper, if it crumbles as soon as you touch it with wet hands, then that is something that you should avoid. To ensure that you are using the right toilet paper, look for a brand whose paper is sturdy. Buy two-ply paper as they are strong and the likelihood of it breaking is pretty less. 

The toilet paper you use should not only be sturdy, but should also not damage your skin. Studies say that toilet paper is used not just to wipe our bottoms, but also to wipe spills, take care of our running nose, clean our hands and faces, etc. Keep all of this in mind when you choose toilet paper. 

Buy chlorine-free toilet papers. Paper that is bleached with chlorine is not a friend of the environment. It can pollute air and water. 

There are three main types of toilet papers:

Virgin- It is made from trees and is often cheaper, softer and easily available. 

Recycled- Since the manufacturing process of recycled toilet paper has a lesser carbon footprint, it is better for the environment. It is usually made from office paper or newspaper. They collect old papers, mix it with water and it is made into a pulp, after which it becomes toilet paper after a few processes.

Bamboo- It uses bamboo stalks instead of trees, although it is made from a similar process to virgin toilet paper. 

Some of the other things that you need to consider when buying toilet paper are the number of sheets per roll, tubeless, green claims of the manufacturer, and so on. Take some time to compare the different brands that are available and make sure you are getting the best one for your requirements. 

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