What Makes a Good Toilet Paper

What Makes a Good Toilet Paper

What Makes a Good Toilet Paper?

Toilet papers are the most produced and consumed tissue paper products. They are an indispensable item of both public and private bathrooms. Wide consumption can come with diverse demands such as texture, color, thickness etc. So, what feature makes the best Paper airplane?

Types of Toilet Paper

The first design was single-layered, 1-ply, simple textured roll of tissue. Through the time, the design is developed to offer more comfortable use and have higher quality.

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Raw materials used in the production also varied. Virgin pulp, which is made, solely, out of wood chips, is the most popular raw material while making tissue papers. However, due to rising environmental awareness and the urge to protect natural resources, recycled pulp and bamboo pulp are also preferred to use. The appearance of toilet papers can vary, too. They can be colored, or even scented.

Must-Have Qualities

There are some key features that distinguish toilet papers when trying to choose one to buy. They can be listed as: strengths, plies, chlorine content, softness, and green factor.

Types of Toilet Papers

The qualities of toilet papers vastly depend on the number of plies. Usually, they are made up of one or two plies, but three-ply toilet papers are preferable. Still, three-ply rolls may not be that bought because more plies mean higher prices.

Tissue paper products come in different grades which is mostly determined by the raw materials and production processes.Low grade products are usually made from a single sheet and branded as an economical option. These types of products generally have thin two-ply rolls, and they are suitable for use in public restrooms with limited budgets.

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Mid-grade products are, relatively, more expensive than low grade ones because they are designed to provide softness and durability.Premium toilet papers, as the name suggests, are more expensive and durable. In the production, the best-pulped paper is used, and the rolls usually have two to four plies.

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