What Is London Famous For Top 28 Places to Visit & Things to do

What Is London Famous For Top 28 Places to Visit & Things to do

What Is London Famous For: Top 28 Places to Visit & Things to do

London, the nerve centre of Europe, is endowed with rich history and contemporary architecture and historical monuments. It also houses world-class museums, galleries, and cosmopolitan vibes, attracting tourists worldwide.

The article below is a rundown of what London is famous for. Read on to learn about London's multifaceted identity.

List of 17 Famous Places in London

London is considered a dream destination because of the following vintage construction, world-class museums, lush green parks and other tourist attractions.

1. Big Ben

big ben

Big Ben, the tower clock, is a notable landmark of London. The neo-gothic style building is famous for its accuracy and architecture; the clock tower is located near another prime destination in London- the Houses of Parliament. One of the interesting facts about it is that the name Big Ben refers to the giant hour bell that strikes every hour. In addition, the building itself is known as the Elizabeth Tower.

2. Tower of London

tower of london

The Tower of London reflects the country's varied history and is protected as a World Heritage site. It is one of the oldest constructions that is believed to house precious crown jewels. Moreover, this tower was used as an armoury, treasury, home of the royal mint, a menagerie, public record office etc. Further, it is from the Tower of London that viewers get amazing vistas of the city.

3. London Eye

london eye1

The London Eye, also known as Millennium Wheel, is one of the most reputed landmarks in London. It is a cantilevered observation wheel that is a major source of tourist attraction in London, witnessing over 3 million visitors every year. London Eye provides tourists with the highest public viewing point in the city and is among the most famous things in London. Further, the spot has gained iconic status and is used to symbolise modern London.

4. Tower Bridge

tower bridge

Tower Bridge, a movable bridge, is among London's most iconic sights. It is a symbolic bridge where the two horizontal walkways join at the upper level. Several Hollywood production sets feature this picturesque bridge. Further, this bridge functions as a major crossing of the Thames. The Neo-Gothic architecture and the central lifting sections of this bridge make it a distinct tourist destination. Moreover, Tourists can have a panoramic view of London through the glass floor walkway.

5. Buckingham Palace


Buckingham palace is notably one of the most recognisable edifices in London as it is a residence of Queen Elizabeth II. The palace was also used as the administrative office of the monarchy. Moreover, the major attractions of this neoclassical architecture are the staterooms.

6. Houses of Parliament


Moving on, the House of Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminster, is another iconic architectural landmark in London. London lays the blueprint for modern parliamentary democracies and serves as the meeting place of the House of Commons and House of Lords. In addition, visitors can also go inside to get a glimpse of the active UK parliament and see Big Ben striking the hour.

7. London Olympic Stadium


Another must-see tourist attraction is the London Olympic Stadium. It is a multi-purpose outdoor stadium that hosted several Olympics and Paralympics. Additionally, it is home to Premier League Football Club West Ham United and UK Athletics, drawing millions of tourists and sports enthusiasts from different corners of the world.

8. Westminster Abbey


Westminster Abbey is a historical museum and is the final resting place of several distinguished personalities. Millions of visitors flock to this place because of its gothic architecture and to get the essence of the relationship between England and the Christian Church. In addition, this majestic building has been used to host several coronations, royal weddings and even funerals.

9. St. Paul’s Cathedral


The Cathedral was constructed as a dedication to Paul the Apostle. It is another magnificent architecture that holds both architectural beauty and religious significance. The Cathedral is almost 322 years old and, to date, dominates London's skyline. The Church holds several services, jubilee celebrations, inauguration services, peace services etc. The beauty and grandeur of this world-famous dome merit a visit.

10. The Shard


The shard, or the Shard of Glass, is the tallest building in London and is the symbol of contemporary London. It is a 72-story skyscraper that pierces through London's skyline and houses several luxurious offices, restaurants and apartments. Moreover, visitors can enjoy a grand view of the city and breathe, taking meanders of the River Thames from this skyscraper's top-floor observation deck.

11. The Gherkin


The Gherkin, also known as the 30 St. Mary Axe speckles London skyline, is an elongated, curved shaft reminiscent of a vegetable. It is a beautiful tourist spot with a beautiful spiral design, and the Gherkin looks stunning when lit up at night. Moreover, visitors can enter this construction and enjoy significant events like the Open House London.

12. Wembley Stadium


Wembley Stadium is among the most significant venues in London, located in Northwest London, and it is the largest stadium in the UK. The legendary stadium has hosted multiple football games, and the Football Association owns it. This stadium has a Wembley Arch that enhances its aestheticism, making it stand out structurally. Moreover, the partially retractable roofs over the stadium can be opened for sunlight to enter, supporting pitch growth.

13. Hyde Park

hyde park1

Hyde Park is linked to three other parks that start from Kensington palace to the main entrance of Buckingham palace. It is the largest among London's royal parks and is popular for the speaker corner. In the late 20th century, large-scale rock music concerts were held in this park. In addition, the park has a network of paths of liking gardens, fountains and many sculptures.

14. Kew Gardens

kew gardens1

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, is the world's largest and most diversified botanical and mycological garden. It houses over 8.5 million preserved plant and fungal specimens, making it one of the topmost tourist attractions in London. Moreover, Kew Garden is also a World Heritage site. The treetop walkway, Sackler crossing, the hive etc., are some of the popular attractions of the garden.

15. Baker street

baker street

London is popular for its cultural significance, literature and art. Baker Street is one such iconic destination that gives visitors a distinct connection to the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. In addition, the street is popular for being the home of Sherlock Holmes and Watson. However, modern baker street is used for commercial purposes.

16. Oxford Street

oxford street

Oxford Street, located in Westminster, is another famous street in London. It is one of the busiest streets and is popular for shopping, forming a shopping district in the West End of London. This street welcomes around 200 million tourists annually, providing unparalleled shopping experiences.

17. Regents Park

regents park

The Regent Park, split administratively between the city of Westminster and the Borough of Camden, is among the Royal Parks of London. This park houses large central parkland and an ornamental lake. Further, tourists can also visit ZSL London Zoo, Regent's university, an open-air theatre etc., in the park. Even Queen Mary's Gardens is present in the inner ring road of Regent's park.

List of Top 11 Popular Things in London (Food, Culture and Activities)

Besides housing innumerable breathtaking places, London is a famous hub for shopping and dining. Even the museums, galleries and theatres in London are special attractions.

18. Harrods


Harrods, a department store, is one of the popular things London is known for. It is a recognised brand famous for showcasing premium-quality luxury goods and stunning architecture. However, Harrods is more than that a department store. The store remains true to its motto, 'Omnia, Omnibus Ubique,' suggesting 'all things for all people, everywhere, remaining at the zenith of British luxury retail. Apart from that, it is one of the major do's in London, attracting loyal customers from around the globe.

19. Borough market

borough market

The Borough Market, located near London Bridge, is a wholesaler and retail market. It is perhaps the oldest food market in the city and is home to over 100 traders. The market is famous for organic produce and artisan-prepared food. Moreover, visitors can try various international ingredients and unique delectable items on exploring the different food stalls. Hence, the market is worth a visit for food lovers.

20. The Savoy

savoy the

London is also famous for the sheer number of exclusive hotels and restaurants. The Savoy is one such luxury hotel that is located in central London. It was the first deluxe hotel that introduced electric lifts, electric Lights etc. Moreover, the hotel houses Grill Room and Savoy restaurant. In addition, the hotel also offers unparalleled service, luxury, and comfort to visitors. Moreover, visitors can enjoy this hotel's scenic views of the River Thames.

21. William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

globe theatre1

The Globe theatre was constructed by the playing company of Shakespeare and the Lord Chamberlain's Men. Later in 1997, Shakespeare's Globe was opened, a modern reconstruction of the globe. For a thespian or a literary lover, a visit to Shakespeare's Globe will be memorable as watching Shakespeare's play live in an authentic location is phenomenal. One can also enjoy the on-site exhibitions. Another notable thing about the Globe is its movement which was determined by the movement of planets.

22. Tate Modern

tate modern1

Tate Modern is considered the jewel among the modern art galleries in London, and it is one of the four Tate art galleries and belongs to the top ten visited museums and galleries in the world. Visitors will see the UK's collection of international modern and contemporary art at Tate Modern, and it is a one-stop destination for all modern art lovers. In Tate Modern, the artworks are displayed as themes that change from time to time.

23. The West End

west end

A trip to London is incomplete without a visit to the West end. West End is home to London's historic theatres and is known for its parklands, government offices, royal palaces, mansions, etc., contrasting to London's East end. There are about 39 theatres in the West end. In addition, visitors can enjoy musicals and independent plays here. Moreover, the place is a vibrant cultural hub, also famous for its exclusive shopping districts.

24. Museum of Natural History

national museum1

The Museum of Natural History is another remarkable destination in London, mainly famous for exhibitions of dinosaur skeletons. Over 145 million specimens of animals, plants, fossils, rocks, human remains, etc., are exhibited in the museum. Further, visitors will get exhaustive information, facts and figures about the entire plant and animal kingdom. The place is also popular for its ornate architecture.

25. Fish and Chips

fish chips

Going ahead with the popular food items in London, fish and chips are one such traditional dish that is an obligatory part of life in the UK. Visitors can find most restaurants in London selling fish and chips and try them to get the taste of authenticity.

26. Shepherd’s Pie

shepherds pie

Shepherd’s pie or cottage pie is among the popular things in London. This savoury dish is made of minced meat and topped with mashed potatoes and is considered one of the staple foods in the British capital. In addition, this dish evokes tradition and will perk up visitors after touring the city.

27. London Tea Culture

tea eng

Tea is an inevitable part of British culture, and this hot beverage has been gaining popularity in London since the 16th century. Moreover, visitors can indulge in a destination of afternoon tea while strolling around the city. One of the popular tea options among Londoners is black tea.

28. The English Breakfast

english breakfast

English breakfast is a major staple of British cuisine. It is a full breakfast that has been enjoyed for centuries. The breakfast plate includes bacon, fried egg, sausage, baked beans, toast etc. and is served with tea or coffee. Visitors can try out this filling meal at any restaurant in London.

London is a famous tourist destination because of its history, vibrant local culture, and delectable food. From Buckingham palace to Westminster Abbey to the most delicious food items available, London has something to offer to visitors from different walks of life. Hope now you know what London is famous for, then why wait, just book your tickets and get going.

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