How do you create a room environment that is comfortable to study in

How do you create a room environment that is comfortable to study in

How do you create a room environment that is comfortable to study in


If you’re like many students, you spend a lot of your time in your room, including the time that you spend studying. How can you create an environment that is conducive to learning? If you think that the room where you study matters, you may be on to something. In fact, the environment in which you study can help you learn better. 

A good environment has effects on how effective your studies are. You will find that you retain information more effectively in the right space. Here is some help for the psychology of studying that can enable you to create a space that helps you study better.

How to Create a Room Environment that Will Help for the Psychology of Studying

1. Study in the Same Place Each Time

Do you think that some variety will help you study better Think again. Choosing the same place to study each time helps your brain get into study mode. The moment that you sit down in that designated area you’ll be ready to learn. 

The longer you study in this specified spot, the quicker you’ll be able to settle into your studies each time. Your mind will drift less and it will be easier to focus. It is best that this particular area not be used for anything but studying. Using this studying psychology will help you learn more efficiently.

2. Get the Help That You Need

Are you struggling through your studies or homework? Do you feel frustrated? Are you failing to understand the concepts you are supposed to learn? If this happens too much, you can start to think that you will never get the hang of it. 

Feelings of frustration or inadequacy make it harder to learn. This vicious cycle can destroy your study success. Thankfully, students can find very effective guidance for their homework – you can find excellent online help for Psychology, English, Math, or whatever else you’re studying. This help can make the time you spend learning the material more effective. 

3. Dress for the Occasion

Sure, you can wear sweatpants or pajamas to study. However, you may find that you don’t study as effectively when wearing casual clothes. Wearing something like what you might wear in the classroom can be helpful. This kind of wardrobe can replicate the testing environment. Furthermore, professional attire can help focus your mind in study mode. 

A wardrobe change may be just what you need to get out of a casual mindset. You may be less tempted to do something more fun when dressed appropriately.

4. Make Your Study Environment Like the Testing Environment 

Here is a valuable tidbit of psychology to help you study: the mind remembers best when in a similar situation to where it learned. Think about how easily a particular smell or piece of music can remind you of something. Remembering what you study is similar. 

Of course, you can’t recreate a classroom. However, you can make your study area a similar temperature as the test environment. You can wear a particular smell or use the same pencil used to take the test. Is your study environment silent, but the classroom has lots of other students? A tape that plays classroom sounds can be helpful.

5. Eliminate Social Media

You may tell yourself that you won’t look at your phone or flip to a tab that has social media up. In reality, it can be extremely challenging to ignore social media. Social media has wreaked havoc on the ability of many students to focus. Social media makes it harder for students to succeed in their studies. 

This tidbit of psychology can help you see social media for the danger it really is. Don’t tell yourself that glancing at social media is a little reward for studying. Beware of fooling yourself into thinking that it isn’t taking up much time. Completely set aside social media while you are in study mode.

6. Establish a Good Mindset 

Many people tend to assume that they hate studying. This is really a shame since nothing is intrinsically unpleasant about learning something new. On the contrary, children enjoy learning new things. However, at some point in our school career, we began to view studying as a deeply hated chore. If you need help for psychology around studying, here are a few good ways to do it:

  • Exercise first. Exercising releases endorphins which puts you in a good mood for studying. Furthermore, when your body is relaxed after exercise, you’re more likely to focus.
  • Don’t study when you’re tired. Studies prove that pulling an all-nighter when you want to do well is counterproductive. Your brain doesn’t learn nearly as well when you’re tired, and you’re more likely to hate studying as well.
  • Study in small doses. You may find that you learn material more readily when you study in smaller increments. Shorter sessions are better than trying to cram studying into hour-long marathons.
  • Reward yourself for studying. Do you find yourself procrastinating your studies and doing something you want to do before you sit down to study? Instead, consider using whatever you want to do as a reward for studying. This technique will utilize the reward centers of your brain. It can help your psychology around studying to be more positive.


7. Make Sure Your Study Space Has Everything You Need

The second that you have a reason to leave your study space, you’re more likely to give in to distractions. For this reason, it’s smart to make sure that everything you need is in your designated study area. Keep plenty of pens, pencils, and paper on hand. Make sure that you have the materials you need to study. 

Stock bottles of water and simple, healthy snacks like granola bars. Having food and water in case you get hungry or thirsty is an excellent idea. If you find that you have to leave your study space for some reason, take note of that reason. See if you can’t provide for it within your study space next time.

The Right Room Environment to Study in is Help for the Psychology of Learning

The area that you study in may seem like a small matter. However, it can make a huge difference in your psychology to help you learn better and quicker. Something as simple as replicating the testing environment can make it much easier to recall information. Eliminating social media can keep you from being distracted. 

The right study environment can make each second of studying time much more efficient. By taking advantage of the tips on this list, you may be amazed by how much more easily you can learn every time you study.

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