How Argumentative Writing Helps With Your Personal Development

How Argumentative Writing Helps With Your Personal Development

How Argumentative Writing Helps With Your Personal Development

For students, writing argumentative essays is a common activity. Science, engineering, politics, and health care are all common narratives for argumentative essays. Some academics believe that everything is worth debating. Advertisements, publications, buzzwords, presentations, and even placards would fall under this category of argumentative topics. An argumentative essay is simple when you know it.

Furthermore, argumentative writing has a variety of benefits. For students, understanding the argumentative essay is a critical skill for writing success, and professors give argumentative essays on a wide range of topics, from science to literature. Through argumentative writing, students can learn about how to write a discussion essay, paper, and more. Also, students can use argumentative writing to improve their critical reasoning and research skills and their ability to formulate and defend a standpoint logically.

How Does Argumentative Writing Help With Your Personal Development?

Here are some ways through which argumentative writing can help with your personal development:

Enhanced Research Skills


Argumentative essays usually involve some background research on the topic. Students may be required to research secondary sources for a literary work, collect empirical evidence for a scientific hypothesis, or investigate statistics related to a political or social issue; this enables students to acquire fundamental research skills such as locating verifiable sources, reviewing significant research, and combining data. The study that an argumentative essay demands also helps ensure that students understand the subject thoroughly. For instance, to encourage learners to know more about Shakespeare’s literary legacy, a teacher can give an argumentative essay on Shakespeare.

Writing Skills

Argumentative writing can enable students to comprehend the basics of a paper framework besides the vocabulary and spelling they study in practically every write-up. A well-written argumentative essay contains a distinct, well-defined essay validated by each sentence that follows. Students understand the value of maintaining a topic, presenting persuasive evidence, and committing to a position that they can defend in the time provided.

Rhetorical and Logical Skills

When students can’t logically summarize their study and provide a clear interpretation, regardless of how smart an argument or notion is, it can’t work. Students learn to avoid emotional solicitations, use valid points instead of illogical ones, and make explicit statements instead of generalizations in argumentative writings. Students will also learn rhetorical techniques, including stressing the relevance of a topic or the possible consequences of a policy.

Preparing for Objections


Students writing argumentative papers must expect objections to their stance apart from developing a coherent argument. This could include laying out different viewpoints or clarifying any inquiries the reader might have. This method aids students in mastering the skill of being compassionate to opposing viewpoints. It also aids students in the development of critical thinking abilities and improves their arguing skills by allowing them to recognize potential flaws in their positions.

Enhanced Critical Thinking Skills

Argumentative writing aids in the strengthening of critical thinking skills in writers. Critical thinking is among the most valuable skills that people learn in school. The ability to create compelling arguments can help students unravel the elements of logical reasoning, uncover flaws in others’ and their arguments, and present better arguments altogether. In reality, people who can create solid arguments will likely be able to recognize poor reasoning, or irrationality, in other people’s points of view much more easily.

Master the Art of Persuasion 

The art of persuasion is one crucial ability that a writer can improve by mastering argumentative writing. Writers know the meaning of persuasion, how it works, and how to leverage it to their benefit in argumentative writing. They’ll be able to persuade people to understand issues from their point of view and react in their interest.

It Works in Real-Life Situations

Argumentative writing enhances a writer’s ability in transferrable manners. Writers might use their argumentative writing talents when delivering sales presentations for products or services, composing grant proposals, or writing editorials about critical problems. They can also be required to communicate through email in manners and situations that involve fewer arguments at the workplace.

Increases Broad-Thinking Skills


Other types of writing, such as expository writing, do not require the writer to have extensive expertise to complete the task. Because it compels the writer to engage with conflicting viewpoints and incorporate them into his broader point, argumentative writing encourages comprehensive thinking skills.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing where the author takes a position on a topic. Argumentative writing requires the writer to take a position on a topic, convince the public of the authenticity of their point of view, and possibly urge the audience to take action.

A writer strives to convince readers to understand and embrace their opinion on a topic in a quality argumentative essay by presenting their reasoning and using facts to support that claim. The author gives both sides of an argument or topic in this type of academic writing. An argumentative essay’s primary goal is to enlighten rather than persuade, which is why it should not be misunderstood with a persuasive essay.


Detailed analysis and evaluation of all relevant materials are required for an argumentative essay. Unlike persuasive writing, it should not focus on the sentiment when attempting to persuade the audience. Argument papers are different in that you are just required to prove your point of view — nothing more, nothing less. In evaluating an argumentative essay, the following skills are considered:

  • Ability to do research
  • Analytical skills and
  • Writing skills

Argumentative writing is given to students to help them practice debating skills. As a result, it can significantly impact a person’s ability to speak publicly later in life. It is critical to emphasize facts and data instead of personal opinions or preferences while writing an argumentative essay. The writer may present both sides of an issue or favor one over the other. Regardless, the argument must contain all of the main issues and counterpoints that will be discussed in the essay. It’s almost as if you’re having a political debate with yourself.

Purpose of Argumentative Writing

An argument has two primary purposes: changing people’s minds or persuading them to accept new points of view and persuading individuals to do a certain action or adopt a new behavior.

Because people do not always agree on what is ethical or fair, a well-constructed argument might assist us in determining what is acceptable or truthful. It’s used to settle disagreements and find the truth. Teachers give argumentative writing so that students can learn to analyze their personal as well as others’ opinions critically.


What’s more, argument teaches us how to assess conflicting ideas and how to examine facts and research methods. Argument teaches us how to clarify our viewpoints, interpret them clearly and appropriately, as well as how to critically analyze the stances of other people.


Argumentative writing offers students the opportunity to investigate a topic, gather and review evidence, and take a position. Through this, argumentative writing helps improve research and writing skills, critical thinking, and allows you to think outside the box. The knowledge gained from writing argumentative essays can be applied to real-life situations.

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